Practical Advice

Here at Hook Funeral Service, we know that the passing of a loved one can be a difficult and distressing occurrence. Therefore, we have collated some practical advice to support you throughout this period. The following details are informative and will familiarise you with some of the events that take place after a person has passed away.

At our family firm, we are proud to be fully qualified undertakers and will be able to advise and assist you with every aspect of the funeral.

What To Do When Someone Dies

Knowing what to do when someone dies is important as there are certain steps that need to be followed promptly, including registering the death and acquiring a medical card. Since the death of a person is an upsetting and overwhelming time, being informed on what to do when the time comes helps you avoid unnecessary stress.

HM Coroner

While a death occurring under normal circumstances is usually confirmed by a doctor, if the death or the occurrences surrounding a death mean it cannot be certified, then HM Coroner could become involved. HM coroner can become involved in a wide range of circumstances including:


  • If the cause of the death is unknown
  • There is no explanation for the death
  • If the death is unexpected
  • The death occurred during an operation
  • Medical certificate indicates the death was caused by disease or industrial poisoning
  • The death was unnatural or involved violence
  • There is no medical certificate
  • The person that died was not seen by the doctor that signed the medical certificate within 2 weeks before they died or after they died


What Happens When The Coroner Is Involved?

If a coroner becomes involved after someone’s death, then the process that follows can be slightly different.

When the coroner believes the cause of death is clear then a medical certificate will be signed and a certificate for the registrar will be issued, asserting that the post-mortem is unnecessary.

If the coroner orders an inquest into the death, a notification of this choice will be given promptly. An inquest will be instructed if the coroner doesn’t believe there is a clear reason for the death. The purpose of an inquest is to discover the location, time and cause of death. They can last for a few months prior to the final hearing. The last hearing tends to be about 4 months after opening an inquest. Please inform us straight away if an inquest has been solicited.

How To Register A Death

It is important you know how to register a death, to save you the hassle at a difficult time. If a HM Coroner is not involved, a Medical Certificate signed by a doctor will need to be taken. A small fee will be charged by the registrar for issuing the death certificate, which you should pass on to us as quickly as possible. To save you the distress of informing several government authorities of someone’s death, you can use the government’s “Tell Us Once Service”. You can learn more about this at the point of registration.

Relatives need to register the death, though others can register the death if close relatives are unavailable. A person’s death can be registered by individuals including:


  • Relatives
  • Hospital officials
  • Individuals present at the death
  • People living in the same residence as the deceased
  • Individuals responsible for the funeral planning (except the funeral director)


Funeral Arrangements

There are several things you need to consider when making funeral arrangements, and our knowledgeable team will take you seamlessly through the process. We work closely with you, ensuring details regarding the funeral ceremony, burial or cremation, are taken care of. We will confirm a ceremony date with you and discuss your preferred type of funeral service. Other things we will discuss that need consideration include:


  • Whether or not you would like to use our private chapel of rest for family viewings
  • Selecting the coffin or casket
  • Deciding on the funeral type i.e. Burial, cremation or green funeral
  • Transportation i.e. Funeral cars, horse-drawn carriage
  • Selecting a book of remembrance
  • Ordering memorial headstones
  • Choosing a funeral procession route
  • Flowers, music and service sheets

We will also inform you on our funeral charges. If funeral costs are included in a pre-paid funeral plan then unless additional services are added, no extra expenses will be involved.


There For You In Your Time Of Need

Here at Hook Funeral Service, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can be there for you in your time of need. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If your loved one has passed away and you need advice and support, then please do not hesitate to give us a call.